Pathfinder 2E Ashen Frontiers May Patreon Releases


Jacob Rodgers
This month's articles are up on Patreon now!

Backgrounds 1 provides four of the twelve backstories that you might choose for a hero of the broken world. Each provides some benefits like training in Skills, and a specific Feature. But most important are the Qualities.

A Quality is one thing your character can do intentionally (usually as part of a Rest, but sometimes as an Action {usually in combat or other dangerous environment}) and then receive one or more Focus Points. You can spend a Focus Point to get another use of your Feature.

Ancestries 1 has two of the four options for your hero's origins: the diminutive fey-derived Bogies and the desert-striding insectile Entomon. Each comes with a full list of Ancestry Feats and other options to allow a player to fully customise their character.

And of course, there's still all the other goodness from our introductory month as well: The Nine Room Dungeon (for any sort of fantasy adventure setting), the fire-breathing beastly Salapyros, our introduction to Ashen Frontiers with the Setting Concordance, and more! All available for as low as $3 (USD) per month.

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Preview of the articles:

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Jacob Rodgers
Hey just a quick note... Patreon now offers free trials, and I've made the Everything (Pathfinder and 5e) tier for Ashen Frontiers eligible. So if you're looking for piecemeal stuff for your home games, material to play an old Dim Solar adventure module, or just want to check out new stuff for Pathfinder, you can use the link above to sign up and read the over-a-dozen posts available right now.


Jacob Rodgers
Just a minor bump to let folks know that I've updated all of the May articles due to the ongoing system/setting development work and also released the character sheet for both sets of rules (Pathfinder and 5e). The character sheets are free for everyone and you can get all of the articles for free with a seven day trial of the Patreon, available now.

And, of course, I'm working on a new set of articles, coming soon (I hope).


Jacob Rodgers
I guess I'll use this thread to let folks know about the Weekly Newsletter when it comes out:

The Diakon are on the Patreon, the free setting guide is being expanded, and more in the Weekly Newsletter!

Preview of the Diakon Foes:
AF-PF-Diakon Foes_1_low res.jpg
AF-PF-Diakon Foes_2_low res.jpg

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