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We have Asuka. If the stone she is trapped in breaks, she is lost to you. A wish spell is useless. We are willing to trade her freedom for the end of your existence, perminantly.

In the highest regards,
Defcar, Lord of Darkness

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Magnus Vincent

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Ah Defcarr,

Will you never grow tired of your useless ranting? You think to turn everyone or drive them before you in fear? As you may have noticed some of us are simply beyond your reach. But do as you may, it is amusing to say the least. If you ever rise above petty kidnapping and blackmail perhaps we can speak in person. Untill then go about your second rate existance.



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a simple strip of regal blue paper is pinned onto the note

My end will not come due to your underhanded tricks... the lady Asuka is freed even if you claimed her un-saveable... all this proves is that there is hope, even in the depths of your dungeons... hope for salvation

The usual ankh signs the note
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The words of he who claims the name Magnus shall go undeserving of a reply.

Indeed it was, as you say, an underhanded trick. The Lady was not "un-saveable", obviously. It was simply a little game, a game to see how long it would take you to free her with all your resources. Well done. Perhaps you won't be fool enough to allow the same little "underhanded trick" to happen twice. If it does...
Best regards,


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