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Apologies if this has been asked a million times already--just link me to the answer thread.

Why is it that sometimes when I add an image to a thread it shows the picture at a readable size right in the post, and sometimes it shows a thumbnail with a link, and sometimes just the name of the imagefile as a link with a number of how many times it's been viewed?

Is there any way I can control which way it will appear?

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Goes by dimensions and type of file, I think. If the pic is small enough, and it's a format the software recognises, it's displayed directly in the post. If the pic is too large, but still a recognised format, it shows as a thumbnail. Otherwise it becomes a link.

I thought you had to use the [img] code tags to make the image show up.

So you might go:


To do that, I uploaded the image, right clicked the link on the attachment list, and put it between two img tags.


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