D&D General Attention Adventurers! What's Ur Damage is Here to Roll Some Laughter Your Way!


Greetings fellow adventurers,

Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in an intense battle against an army of goblins, desperately trying to roll that critical hit? Or perhaps you've spent hours crafting an intricate backstory for your elven rogue, only to have your plans derailed by a well-timed natural 1? Fear not, for we have the perfect remedy for your gaming woes – introducing What's Ur Damage podcast!

What's Ur Damage is not your average podcast. We're a bunch of die-hard D&D enthusiasts who have decided to share our tales of triumph, defeat, and hilarity from the realms of Dungeons and Dragons. From epic adventures to hilarious mishaps, we've got it all!

But enough about us – let's talk about our first episode! We're excited to announce that it's now available on all major platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google, iTunes, and many others. So, gather your party, find a cozy spot, and tune in for some serious laughs and D&D goodness!

Wondering what sets What's Ur Damage apart from the multitude of other D&D podcasts out there? Well, imagine a wild blend of insightful tips, unforgettable stories, and whimsical banter that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. We'll share character-building advice, campaign ideas, and delve into the fascinating lore of the realms. Our guests, including experienced Dungeon Masters and fellow adventurers, will join us on this crazy ride.

Oh, and did we mention we have a website too? Visit us at https://www.whatsurdamage.com to find extra resources, bonus content, and connect with a vibrant community of fellow D&D enthusiasts. It's like a virtual tavern where everyone's welcome, regardless of class or alignment!

So, don your most epic armor, grab your lucky dice, and join us on this whimsical adventure through the world of D&D. Don't miss out on the laughter, camaraderie, and geeky goodness that What's Ur Damage brings to the table.

See you in the realms!

Kira & Amara Hosts of What's Ur Damage Podcast

P.S. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes, where we'll explore more hilarious tales, answer your burning D&D questions, and share our passion for all things tabletop. Let's roll the dice and have some unforgettable adventures together!

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