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Awfully Cheerful Engine Awfully Cheerful Engine! I made a mini-RPG!


Well, that was fun
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Over the last 24 hours or so I put this together. It's heavily inspired by WEG's old Ghostbusters system, with a healthy dose of Dangermouse and Buffy and other action comedy stuff.

It's designed in A5 format (half page), so it would be printed like a comic book, paper covers and all. Under 30 pages. And then you'd be able to pick up inexpensive one-shot setting/adventure books of a similar scope, each being a totally different genre -- fantasy, sci-fi, modern, horror, etc -- but generally with a casual, comedic approach.

Also its a first draft, and it's not finished yet!

UPDATE -- It's some months later, and Awfully Cheerful Engine now has an official website!

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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
(RIP Michael Angelis, long time voice narrator for Thomas the Tank Engine.)

This seems cool. Art implies a fun game, and title reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine. So it seems like it might be geared towards the younger set?

  • I love the various options for Roles. I would love a quick paragraph detailing how I can up with the mechanical benefits (and drawbacks) for any new role I might create.
  • Stat and Focus. YES. LOVE IT. As you do in the Role section, I think a quick sentence at the end of the Focus section saying "hey, if you need different Focuses for your stats, DO IT. Here's how to think about them..."
  • Trait list is cut off. And as with Focus, I think a quick sentence or two outlining how to add more Traits. Or maybe at the end of the Hero creation section a note to the GM that "Hey, create more Roles, Focuses, Traits - do it! Here's things to consider..."
  • Karma and Trait. Like FATE points, but also different. Would be interested to see in play. Wondering by the first sentence in the Karma paragraph "You start play with 10 Karma points." Does this mean every session? Or at the beginning of the campaign?
    • I wonder if there's an opportunity for a character to spend fewer points (maybe up to 3) on Stats, and add those points to their Karma pool? Of course that will mean those characters will be leaning into their Traits more, which could result in more trouble coming down the pike...
    • Also, how did you come up with the number 10 Karma points?
    • Feels like players will spend Karma early; but they won't start invoking their Traits until later in the game/session. So this means at the beginning they will seem in-fiction to be more capable, because they'll be using Karma points; but later they'll seem less capable in some way because they'll be invoking their Traits. Would need to try this in play.
Have to get to work, so if I get a chance, will look at other chapters later...

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