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DMs Guild Azarneth - Secrets of the Crystal Grotto [5e adventure module]


Hey everyone,
I'm Jacopo, also known as Azarneth, 'Il Tessitore di Storie' in the realms of Faerûn. This marks my inaugural post on this fantastic platform, and I wanted to extend my gratitude to the moderators for providing this space for all us publishers. This is one of my first releases, and I hold it dear to my heart as it brought me back to the Dungeon Master's chair after 15 years. My players loved it, and I hope it brings you all some fantastic and emotionally charged gaming sessions too. If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to reach out anytime.

With swords drawn and courage in your hearts, an epic journey beyond imagination awaits. ― Azarneth


User Delve into the shadowy depths of the Crystal Grotto in this thrilling Dungeons & Dragons module, designed for a daring group of four adventurers at Tier 1.


Uncover the sinister secrets of a goblin-infested cavern, navigate devious traps, and challenge formidable foes in a quest for glory and treasure.
Will your party emerge as heroes, or will the grotto's dark mysteries prove too perilous? Gear up for a gripping journey through betrayal, ancient magic, and goblin intrigue!


Key Features​

  • Intricate Goblin Plot: Dive into a rich narrative filled with intrigue and deception as players unravel the secretive shamanic rituals and strategies of a goblin tribe hidden within the Crystal Grotto.
  • Dynamic Encounter Design: Experience meticulously crafted encounters that offer multiple approaches including stealth, diplomacy, and combat, providing varied play styles and strategic depth.
  • Detailed Environment Settings: Explore the beautifully described Crystal Grotto, complete with environmental hazards, hidden paths, and mysterious magical phenomena to enhance the immersive experience.
  • Challenging Puzzles and Traps: Navigate through an array of ingenious traps and puzzles that challenge both player ingenuity and characters' skills, integral to the unfolding story.
  • Rich NPC Interactions: Engage with memorable NPCs such as the stoic Halgrim and the formidable goblin champion Gorkil, each adding unique depth and insights to the game's narrative.
  • Optional Story Threads: Choose from multiple hooks and quest lines that allow DMs to tailor the adventure to their players’ interests and previous campaigns, ensuring a personalized experience. Comprehensive Appendices: Delve deeper with two extensive appendices that provide detailed information on the creatures and lore of the adventure, offering tools and resources to enrich gameplay.



Ready-to-Use Resources​

Enhance your gaming sessions with downloadable content that includes a detailed battle map of the Crystal Grotto and tokens for the key monsters, allowing for immediate use in digital platforms or for printing.

Hearken, brave souls! The first 10 scrolls of "Secrets of the Crystal Grotto" are bestowed upon the swift for a mere $3.99. Claim thine discount with a click, ere the offer vanishes into the mists of the realm!

Venture forth,


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