Release Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun republished

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Darkness threatens the world, and with it the extinction of all life. But the Aztecs have the answer: make ongoing sacrifices to their sun god so he can be strong enough to fend off the gathering darkness.

Tabletop Adventures is pleased to announce the re-release of Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun, another classic historical fantasy product in the Plain Brown Wrapper line.

This is a guide to the setting of ancient Mexico in the period before the Conquistadors, with elements of fantasy, as all the magic and monsters told of by the Aztecs are present in the world. A GM could run a campaign of Aztec adventurers in their home territory, or include a Mesoamerican area in a game world and use the complex – but potentially deadly – culture to challenge player characters’ notions of civilization. In addition to information on culture, history, government, religion, and magic, which a GM could use with any roleplaying system, the text includes thematic classes, spells, feats, and monsters, all with 3rd Edition mechanics.

Diversify your world with this combination of history and fantasy! See Aztecs: Empire of the Dying Sun now at DriveThruRPG.

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