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B&B Subscription Help



(First, if this isn't the right place to ask this question, please direct me to the proper venue. Thanks.)

I just realized I had ordered the "Buccaneers & Bokor 2005 Subscription" (four issues starting with issue #4; I got issues 1-3 in the "Treasure Chest" just fine) from rpgnow.com back in January 2005. There was a delay in publication if I remember correctly, and I soon forgot about my subscription.

But now, with renewed interest in Skull & Bones, I'd like to know what the current status with Bucaneers & Bokor is. I realize I need to bring my question about how to get hold of the issues that have been published to rpgnow.com, but first I'd like to confirm what the deal is. After all, it is your product.

(I have successfully managed to get rpgnow.com to resend my download link for my subscription, but this only downloads a single pdf page with the following text. I haven't seen any actual issues, or download links to them.)

Thank you for subscribing to Adamant
Entertainmentʼs Buccaneers & Bokor support
As a subscriber, youʼll receive all four issues of
Buccaneers & Bokor to be released in 2005. The
first issue of the year, issue 4, is due for release in
March, with the other three issues following in June,
September and December.
The first three issues of Buccaneers & Bokor (available
together as The Treasure Chest via RPGNow)
featured a combined 118 pages of material for Skull
& Bones or any other piratical or nautically-themed
D20 campaign, and 2005ʼs issues will bring you
more of the same: Adventures, NPCs, historical
background and more, delivered every quarter,
direct to your email in-box!

Thank you for updating me on where B&B stands today, and what I should expect for my $17.95. :)


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First Post
CapnZapp said:
Thank you for updating me on where B&B stands today, and what I should expect for my $17.95. :)

Apparently, you should expect a brain-dead publisher forgetting to add your email address to the delivery queue. (D'oh)

I'll need you to contact me at gms@adamantentertainment.com, and give me your email address, so that I can add it, and get you the issues that you've missed (4, 5 and 6 -- 7 is coming out later this year).

Sorry about the mistake.

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