D&D 5E Baldur's Gate 1 campaign materials


Hi to all!

Recently I finished running D&D 5ed campaign based on Baldur's gate 1 PC game to my group. So I thought that I could share materials for running if somebody is interested. For us it took 62 sessions, average duration 4 hours. We played online using TTopRPG virtual tabletop, hamachi for networking and discord for call.

Unfortunately, at the start of the campaign, I didn't write campaign notes so my main campaign file lacks the starting stuff up to Nashkel. But it's no big deal. It's just a small part. Only descriptions are missing, maps, images, handouts and stats are present.

So without further ado, if someone is interested, please let me know. Fastest way to reach me is through email themarinx [at] gmail [.] com, or you can PM me on discord. My name is MadBeard#4068 there. Here is also fine, but I'll be slower to answer you.


I forgot to mention that I'll provide link for download if someone is interested.
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I'm likely going to run BG2 in 5e at some point in the future. For me it'll be a prep-lite adventure, as I played BG2 a LOT.


I'm likely going to run BG2 in 5e at some point in the future. For me it'll be a prep-lite adventure, as I played BG2 a LOT.
There is no prep-lite adventure :)
At least for me. I know BG1 to tiny detail and nevertheless I have 168 pages of campaign notes, 111 pages of monster stats, and lots of images, handouts and maps :D

But it depends how you like things to be done. I like to be prepared. Even prepared, I improvise a lot because players :)
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Awesome! Well done. I considered something similar! BG1 would make an amazing prequel to the Descent into Avernus Campaign! Except have Baldurs Gare sucked into Avernus, not Elturel.


I really need to hunker down and start work on that FR Gold Box games conversion I've wanted to do...
Several months ago I run The Sword of Dale, AD&D2ed adventure. We played by using AD&D2ed rules and we had a blast.
After remembering how AD&D2ed was awesome for me, if I ever want to run D&D, I'll be creating my own ruleset by modifying 5ed to have more feel like old editions. That modern approach that pen and paper needs to look and feel like video game is starting to get on my nerves. :)
But I'll not run D&D for some time. I'm turning back to running The Dark Eye for now :D

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