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D&D 5E Bardlock Tips/Advice


I am planning on multiclassing my Archfey warlock into Bard and would like a little advice on the build. For reference, I am not necessarily interested in min/max building. My archfey patron is Hyrsam so I think it would be a great rp/thematic choice to multiclass bard. I am leaning towards college of lore. The rest of my party is pretty beefy. Variant Human Fighter, Goliath Barbarian, Dwarf Forge Cleric, Kobold Artifice, and Variant Human Ranger. I really want to focus on control and utility in and out of combat since we have so little caster/charisma power. I am a half-elf with the sage background. Stats are: STR 8 DEX 14 CON 13 INT 15 WIS 10 CHA 16. Thoughts on college? I want to take bard pretty early. Currently we are level 2. Should I take a level in bard next or wait until after I get my pact boon (Tome)?

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Tomelock/lorebard is really really fun.

At bard6, look to spells that are really strong when cast on a short rest refresh, like long term buffs and the like.

The other really really fun bardlock is bladehexlock/swordbard, sword and board style. Dual wielding is fun too.

but since you’re going tome, nah, go full on nerd-lord.