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Barnaynia, the Banana Shaped world – a new World Guide for FRPGs

Simon Miles

Creator of the World of Barnaynia FRPG setting
Map 13 - Barnaynia Global View FB.png
Dunromin University Press are delighted to announce the release of the World Guide to Barnaynia; more than 200 pagespages all about their bizarre banana-shaped world setting to accompany their fantasy city setting; Dunromin.

The World Guide to Barnaynia includes fantastic maps, hundreds of locations, numerous species details, NPCs and groups to encounter and information on a load of new cultures to explore. It’s not just a world guide, it’s a huge resource of new ideas, plot hooks and possibilities for exciting new adventures in any game.

While the concept of a banana-shaped world sounds odd, and some of the Science section is a little tongue in cheek, the setting is very much a serious, fully-functional FRPG setting. There are mountains, caverns, dungeons and ruins, as you might expect – for most of the inhabitants the shape of the world is hardly relevant.

But there are space adventures as well if you fancy something a bit different? Fancy checking out a Storm Giants’ castle on an asteroid? Want to step off the edge of the world and float away into space? Want to walk on the Moon? It’s all possible on Barnaynia, although not very safe.

“Like all our products, the World Guide to Barnaynia is based on the OSRIC OSR mechanic, but we’ve tried to make the setting as system agnostic as possible,” said Simon Miles, the main writer on the whole Dunromin and Barnaynia project.

“It’s got thoroughly worked settings, cultures, monsters, civilisations and adventure ideas. The mechanics and stats are in there, but if your preferred game system has orcs, warriors and wizards with levels and hit points, you can use this supplement pretty much as is. Over 200 pages of quality game resources, all for under ten bucks.”

The Dunromin University Press is a small UK publisher that has been producing high-quality FRPG resources for over a year. Most of the products are on Pay What You want as the philosophy behind the organisation is all about high quality, low price ideas to get you thinking about how to move your campaign out of the box, regardless of the game system you prefer.

“This product is a key release for the vision we’ve been working on for many years,” added Simon, “There’s loads of cool stuff in here; mad ideas, weird science, magical theories, gods and underground cities. It’s as much a collection of inspiring new challenges as it is a complete game world. This is a fantasy world setting like no other.”

For more information go to the website here...

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