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Bask in my reflected joy!!!


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I just got my hands on a copy of the original Ghostbusters RPG core ruleset.


I've run a Ghostbusters game once before, but it was only with a vague idea of how the system works.

I spent a few hours today pouring over the books and it is such great fun! There's even provisions for fixing problems that you allow into your game that include (but are not limited to) futuristic super-smart koala bears that will come remove any game-breaking devices.

I mean, come on...who doesn't love that?

All this being said, I'm super happy about it right now and would just like to encourage any of you who might see a Ghostbusters RPG anywhere to pick it up. You will not be sorry.

I'm so looking forward to running this at the next Chicago ENWorld gameday!

Ok, my exuberance is now temporarily quelled. Carry on.

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Frukathka said:
Last time I saw it (Which was some odd 15 years or more ago) it was done by WEG. Does it use the MasterBook system?
Not sure what the MasterBook system is like...this uses the d6 system. It doesn't get any simpler than this d6 system. Simple, brilliant, and simply brilliant.

You can get the basic idea of it here.



Ran a one-shot of it a couple years back. Loved it.

I ran a module I found on the net, something like Pizza Run. With a little work to flesh it out, it worked very well.

(I never thanked the author of that module, so if you're reading this, THANKS and good job.)

I'm sure I have my notes for that game around here somewhere if you want them.

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