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My next D&D campaign; I want to make a doozy.

BATTLE HAWK 3OOO will be combining the following elements:
  • Large Steam Powered War-Mechs
  • World of Greyhawk
  • Techno-Magic of a futuristic bent

I've got a home-page on my Google Sites (Egyptoid)
Please help me with ideas.

I'm using the future Greyhawk as a jumping off point,
as was published in the steampunk issue of Dragon # 277.

I like the D20 Arsenal and D20 Factory books.

What I'd like is input upon would be any suggestions.
  • What should the PCs be doing, and who for ?
  • What level and equippage to begin with?
  • Campaign tone: Military ? Merc ? Scientific Research ?

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Staff member
First, I'd at least check out the campaign world info on other fantasy/Sci-Fi hybrid RPGs, like RIFTS, Shadowrun, Dragonmech, Dragonstar, Iron Kingdoms, and Eberron (of course) to name a few. There is also the classic module, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks to consider. Also look at less obvious ones, like Warhammer Fantasy and Space:1889. That should really get you a lot of ideas to work with!

(Also, check out the Camoaign Ideas link in my sig.)

As to what should the PCs be doing...what kind of things do your players like to do?

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