• COMING SOON! -- Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition! Level up your 5E game! The standalone advanced 5E tabletop RPG adds depth and diversity to the game you love!
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Beguiling Fiends, Shadowdancers and Small Town Terrors


Well, that was fun
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We’ve had a resounding success with our current Kickstarter, plus plenty of vicious flowers and monstrous combinations in our new supplements to keep your games fresh.

Kickstarter: Over The Next Hill 2​

Just 7 days to go on our latest Kickstarter, Over The Next Hill 2: Plug-In Settlements. It includes six small towns that can be dropped in your Dungeons & Dragons game with minimal preparation. Unveil villages both idyllic and cursed with otherworldly terrors, plus an aged, and very spooky, lighthouse.


Level Up: Multiclass Feats​

Elevate your D&D game with additional diversity, depth and choice using Level Up, which lands in seven weeks! For now, take a glance at the upcoming multiclass feats, including a glimpse of the Arcane Archer and the roguish Shadowdancer.


En5ider #407 & #408​

Meanwhile, over at our D&D magazine En5ider, infernal dwarven cultists, horrible burrowing monsters, beguiling fiends, and a dimensional trap of chains all feature as part of To Smite A Fiend: Part 3, along with Monster Combos, which lets you fuse beasts together for riveting encounters.



Blaze through a vicious garden to find a truth-telling tree with W.O.I.N adventure Tree of Truth, or uncover the secrets behind a bloodthirsty spirit in Secret Faces of Velsburg. Learn more over at EONS magazine.


On Our Podcast​

This week, Morrus and Peter were joined by Mark Greenberg to talk about Necropolis from Necromancer Games.

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I cant wait for the Level-Up 5e Kickstarter. The Multiclass Feats sound a bit like the free archetype from PF2E, which I totally fell in love with when I joined a PF 2E group a few months back. Cant wait to have the full experience in my hands though :D

Level Up!

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