Belt of Trel


World of Kulan DM
  • Planet Type: Asteroid Belt
  • Size: Small Field
  • Gravity: Very Low
  • Atmospheric Density: Very Thin
  • Atmospheric Composition: Foul (some tainted areas)
  • Geology: N/A
  • Hydrosphere: No Water
  • Biosphere: Very Scarce
  • Population: Very Low
  • Technology: Variable
  • Spelljamming Technology Knowledge: Planetary
  • Magic: High
  • Psionics: Moderate
Trel was destroyed by Mussin's Dark Purge. It is now a small asteroid belt However, it isn't anywhere near as big as the Floating Maze. Before its destruction, Trel was a vibrant world with a large population. Now, it exists as scattered asteroids. While Trel's civilization is gone, there is still life here. There are three primary races that dominate the Belt of Trel — dwarves, githzerai, and star gnomes.

Climate and Terrain
There is a great deal of residual magic ingrained into the small to medium-sized asteroids of Trel. This magic keeps a thin but foul atmosphere clinging to the largest asteroids. It is a misnomer to call this atmosphere air as it is next to impossible to breathe. It is believed that several small portals to the plane of Elemental Air exist in the belt of Trel and that it is these portals that allow for the asteroid belt's atmosphere to exist at all. Regardless, there is no such thing as weather on any of the asteroid belt's varied rocks.

Despite the belt of Trel's lack of air and water, there is life here. Stellar creatures abound in the belt and one star-borne race thrives here — star gnomes. These gnomes were the gnomes of Trel before its destruction and were saved through the intervention of the God of Travelers, Ptah. The deity protected them during the explosion that ripped Trel apart and reformed them so that they could survive in the depths of wildspace. Once the ruins of Trel settled into the stable asteroid belt it is now, the star gnomes resettled the remains of their lost home world. They live on the surface of the asteroids without any need for air. They farm stellar fungi that clings to the largest asteroids and build beautiful but strange communities; the largest of these is the small city known as Ptah's Heart. It is here that star gnomes interact with the other races that choose to live and mine the asteroids of the belt of Trel.

Two other races have large numbers in the asteroid field. Dwarves have built a number of citadels in the belt of Trel and githzerai monasteries are scattered throughout the asteroids. The dwarves came to Trel for its mineral wealth while the githzerai came for isolation and enlightenment. The communities of these two races are self-contained with breathable atmospheres. The dwarves rely on powerful spelljamming helms while the githzerai rely on complex bio-domes that use vegetation to create air. The dwarves of Trel have close relations with the star gnomes but the githzerai prefer to keep to themselves. Relations between githzerai and star gnomes are usually cordial, however.

There are several other races that have their own communities scattered throughout the belt of Trel. The most common of these are the descendants of Trel, khaastas, and the lizardkin of Trel. The descendants, or Trelites, are the human ancestors of the destroyed world. Spelljamming had become common on Trel just before its sundering an many of its people were off-world (or fled) when the Dark Purge occurred. While most of the Trelites' ancestors moved on to other worlds, such as Kulan, some refused to abandon Trel. The descendants of these people now have a nomadic Spelljamming society that moves from asteroid to asteroid. They are like gypsies but with an ordered society. Another native race that managed to survive the destruction of Trel are its lizardkin. These unusual lizardfolk have the ability to survive on (or under) the surfaces of Trel's asteroids without the need for Spelljamming technology. How they do this remains a mystery, and they are so insular that is next to impossible for outsiders to find their communities.

Other common races of Kulanspace found in the belt of Trel include dragonborn, khaastas, and hadozee. These three races live as either honest sailors or black-hearted freebooters. The mercane are also a common sight here although they have only a few permanent conclaves located on the largest asteroids. (There is one near Ptah's Heart.) Eldritch giants are drawn to the belt of Trel for its unusual magical properties while the Neogi have one or two hidden spawning grounds here. Genasi, ogres, and orcs are all rare individuals here but half-orcs are only uncommon. Kobolds are very rare and unwelcome amongst the communities of the star gnomes.

Trel has few natural resources that are of value to the societies of other worlds. Its mineral wealth is substantial but closely guarded by the races living amongst the asteroids. The stellar fungi that grows in the belt of Trel is considered to be unappetizing to anyone but star gnomes and stellar creatures. (Trelites will eat stellar fungi when other food is unavailable.) Trel's best resource is its lingering magical fields. It is believed that any arcanist that spends at least 24 hours in one of these fields gain extraordinary powers that will last for nearly a week. While the truth of this rumor cannot be confirmed, it is true that any spell cast in one of Trel's magical fields is considered maximized as if the caster had applied the Maximize Spell metamagic feat.

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