Kickstarter BEOWULF: Age of Heroes launches 9th of June

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Jewel of the North

Damn money, where you at when I need you!?

As always, the art is incredible (bought all AiME, Lonewolf and Beyond the Wall stuff because of the art!). I cant wait to see the Hero class and I already use the 3-sided inspiration pool for my regular 5e game.

Definitely wish-listed!

Jon Hodgson

Gosh! We’re now listed on the top ten hottest projects on all of kickstarter at kicktraq! See what all the fuss is about at the campaign page:
Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 11.32.33.png

Jon Hodgson

Gosh, quite a lot has happened since I was last here! We've unlocked 12 stretch goals, and we're into our final day!

And today we just learned that the free intro scenario to BEOWULF: Age of Heroes - The Hermit's Sanctuary was nominated for TWO ENnie awards! You can grab it here - but don't spend too long looking at it, there are less than 24 hours to back BEOWULF!Facebook Cover 1 days.jpg

Level Up!

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