Best old-school dungeon to get stuck/live in


I have a character for an upcoming game whose backstory involves being stuck and raised in a dungeon environment. Possibly spending a significant chunk of his childhood there. I'm thinking something along the lines of a dungeon that would magically trap a party so they'd have to get the mcguffin at the end in order to escape. Since my character was a child, he wasn't strong enough to do that so eventually he escapes by helping a party that comes through and they take him with them when they leave. (Also- my character is sort-of a monstrous race so he wouldn't "automatically" be accepted like a typical pc-race type person might be in a dungeon.)

Are there any dungeons that are big enough that one could live there full-time but perhaps not fully mapped out so there might be abandoned areas a child could survive in? Think Newt from Aliens (except without the character-death-spiral at the end or the horrible story-invalidating sequel).

I could just make something up of course, but I'd like to have a named module to base the backstory in (something from Greyhawk preferably). It doesn't have to have the "magically sealed in" bit, but ideally it should be an actual self-contained dungeon and not just some underdark setting. It could even be just the dungeon without all the published filling. I mean, maybe it was "beaten" and the mcguffin taken by adventurer's long ago. The dungeon would still be there, and it would most likely still serve as a lair of some kind- so adventurer's would still come. A party my character could aid with his area knowledge in exchange for escape.

So- any ideas for a contained dungeon ecology that is still vast enough, and riddled with hiding places, that a child could conceivably survive there and yet be unable to leave without assistance?

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Steading of the Hill giant Chief is the best i can come up with. Most modules involve man-sized or smaller creatures that would make short work of a child. In this module at least, the child would be the equivalent of an intelligent mouse or rat.


Want to make this really interesting? How about Expedition to the Barrier Peaks!!

Also, if you want to go old school, try The Dark Tower (a Judges Guild module).


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The Temple of Elemental Evil would be my suggestion. It is crawling with monsters; however, if he was captured and forced into servitude, he would be able to survive long enough for the party to rescue him... plus there are all of the elemental "dungeons" that would be large enough for him to hide.

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