D&D 5E Best way to deal with greedy players and magic items in a fun game.

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Mull Ponders

I seem to recall one version of Adventurer's League where, when multiple players wanted an item the person with the least magic items got it. Hard to institute now.

I have brought it up mid-game, as a DM. The store clerk asked the party how they divided treasure, because he was about to offer one of the players a ton of money for something they carried. And he wanted to know if he was negotiating with the player or the whole party.


Is everyone a wallflower? When another player tries stuff like this I have a word I use, "No."
This is an old thread and that campaign actually ended. We did say no, but the problem was other than this it was a very fun campaign. My particular predicament (and the reason for this post) is how do I do this without breaking up the game.

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