Kickstarter Better Tavern Food For Your Next TRPG!


Recently, we plan to release a set of food cards based on D&D style. These decks have special Comfort Level rules, based on the Resting system in the basic rules. Of course, this does not prevent you from just using these cards as food references, allowing you to experience the scene in the tavern.

The current deck group has 3 categories, each with different abilities.

Volume 1 - Main Food and Side Dish: This is the most basic card that provides all the food you can find in a regular tavern. These are the food you may order in a tavern or, make it your own while travelling with a campfire.

Volume 2 - Mushroom and Nuts: These snacks are a kind of magic item, with powerful magic power. You may not see these snacks in regular taverns, but you have the opportunity to get them when you venture out in the wild.

Volume 3 - Bread and Cheese: D&D is an adventure-based world, you can’t just stay in a small town. Therefore, rations are necessary. These foods can stay on your backpack for a while, and some of them can even help you through difficulties.

You can browse our pre-release page on Kickstarter

Here is the word from the Creator:

At the beginning of the creation, I just wanted to make a deck with food pictures and captions. After doing it, I slowly added some rules. To be honest, I like the extra rule it provides, but this is not my original intention of creating cards.

It’s great if you use any of these rules to go through the game with your friends. Or you walk into a tavern, randomly draw a piece of food with a cool beer just pretending you had them, it’s also great! Even when you take a look at the deck, used to inspire your creation, that's cool! It's welcome to do anything with Antics, even real recipes if you want, I will be very glad.

I mean it, do what you want.

And yes, I create them based on 5E, but I try to avoid detailed settings as much as possible. Things should be left to DM. There are many versions of the game, but the food is always there.


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Welcome to the boards. While this does not seem like something I would use, I can see where others would like it very much. Appears that you have a lot of thought and detail into it- good luck with the KS

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