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Beyond Dread Portals is an exciting roleplaying game of world-hopping fantasy by Paul Mitchener (author of Liminal). The easy-to-learn rules are built from a core loosely based on the world's first fantasy roleplaying game, tailored to fit the setting.

It’s in its final five days of funding.
Backers have already funded extra content. Adventures, NPCs, and background information. Here are the highlights of what the campaign has achieved.
  • All backers will receive an extra introductory adventure, Fort on the Edgelands. A mini sandbox that takes a classic adventure from the 1980s and reimagines it through Beyond Dread Portals baroque fantasy take on D20. In the final five days, more stretch goals are up for grabs!
  • Also, during the campaign, the Signed and sent version of the book has been upgraded from a POD copy to a properly printed version with sewn pages, better-quality paper and a ribbon.
  • We have achieved several community goals through backer numbers, such as the Traveller's Guide to Polydrones, a mini-supplement combining new monsters, game lore, and adventure ideas.
  • VTT support has been added via Role VTT (
But quick, it's coming to the end of Kickstarter in five days.

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Beyond Dread Portals is about to enter its last 48 hours, closing at midday on Sunday (GMT).
The following things have been funded as stretch goals.
  • Fort on the Edgelands is now available as a pdf for all backers.
  • Tourist Guide 1 The City of Ys in pdf.
Community content achieved as pdfs
  • Travellers' Guide to Polydrones
  • Revell's Annoying Rooster
  • Sardonicus’ List of Geomagical Features
  • Five Retainers
Additional add-ons.
  • Role VTT support added as a £5 addon
  • The Early Bird gift, The League of Explorers Character Rooster, is also available as an £5 add-on.
The Signed and Sent version of the book available to the Sage upwards, is now a properly printed book with sewn pages, better quality print and a ribbon.

Don't suffer FOMO later, back today. 😀

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