Big book or multiple smaller?


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So following up from the "what would you pay for a book?" thread there was something I noticed that made me curious -- it was the relationship between BIG BOOKS (and people who wouldn't buy them).

So let's say a book is like 800 pages (say bigger than Ptolus).

Again, assuming you want the content --

Would you prefer, if you had to choose one of them, and weren't able to choose "neither":

One 800-page book for $60
Two 400-page books for $50 each ($100 total).

Same content, same page count, it's literally just the format.

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Assuming I really want the content, with a premium of 40$, I would probably begrudgingly pick the large book. If the difference was smaller (say 10$ - 20$), I'd go for the smaller ones.

Depends what format I'm buying it in.

In PDF, the single volume for ease of searching. I do essentially all my game preparation, as player or GM, on the laptop, so PDF is my primary purchase these days.

If hardcopy, two volumes, because binding an 800-page book so that it lasts is expensive. The pricing you list in the question suggests that the binding for the single volume won't be sufficiently robust.


Zweihander RPG core rulebook is 600 pages and sells for $65 list price but around $30 on Amazon. I browsed through it and it was impressive in size but not unwieldy.


as long as the big book is comfortable to use and deals with only one topic (player and master or monster) prefer the bigger books!



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It depends on a few things.

If it's one big book of 800 pages crammed with everything, it's interesting, but it's very heavy and irritating to bring around. Also, you buy the book and you don't get to choose what interests you. Personally, I would rather have multiple smaller books. One for player stuff, one for DM stuff, one for the adventure. I don't want all three mixed up together. But it's not a deal breaker, I've bought several mastodon of books that hold everything inside.

The smaller books are pricier overall, but they allow me to spread the spending over multiple paychecks.

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