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ZEITGEIST big screenshot from Battle of the Great Seal, part 1


During chapters 8 & 9 my players spent many hours researching, interrogating, scouting, and planning, as well as convincing the militaries of Risur & Ber to help, so I let them get onto Axis Island a few hours ahead of Borne.
The result was a crazy huge battle. I hope my players enjoyed it as much as I did.

At this point of the battle:
Borne walked onto the great seal to help install an obelisk.
Pember-Bots are to the south climbing towards the site.
The heroes are meeting their first vaknid.

In the end, they couldn't prevent the planar changes, but they were the only ones to get out alive, so not a complete loss.

underlying 8000x7000 battlemap at

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Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters