OSR Binder Class for OSR Games


I've just added Issue #8 of Populated Hexes Monthly to my website and Patreon. I'm pretty tickled with this issue because it contains a binder class, drawn from 3rd edition's Tome of Magic. The binder, for some reason (I never actually played one) is one of my favorite classes, and I finally got the opportunity to write it up for OSE. The issue contains the class write-up, some optional rules to expand the class, and nine sample vestiges that character's can draw power from.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and Absalom (my setting for the 'zine series) seemed a pretty good fit, since it is a world of small, petty gods, powered by the faith of believers. As belief in a deity wanes, so does their power, and when worship ceases entirely the god lingers in a weakened, nearly impotent state.

I posted a quick preview of one of the vestiges on my blog, here, and the pdf of the issue can be purchased here.

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