Release BLACK SWORD HACK, basically Stormbringer/Hawkmoon meets the Black Hack


Greetings everyone!

So after Extinction (Alien meets the Black Hack) here's my latest hack, a game inspired by Michael Moorcock's books (Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum) but also authors like Karl Edward Wagner (the Kane series) or even Joe Abercrombie's First Law.

It is a stand alone game that uses the Black Hack 2nd edition with a few tweaks: no classes to allow for more versatile characters, tools to create your own dark fantasy world, powerful but dangerous (and dirty!) sorcery, demon pacts, twisted science, etc.

It's available as a 75 pages PDF on Drivethru rpg (POD on the way), it comes with an adventure so you can grab the book and run a game on the same day.

The world is for your players to save or burn!


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