Kickstarter The Black Sword Hack 2nd edition, funded in 22 minutes!


Thanks to the Merry Mushmen (publishers of the Knock magazine and the Folklore bestiary) launch a Kickstarter for the second edition of my Black Sword Hack rpg (the 1st edition is a platinum seller on Drivethru rpg, this let you know what the game is about!).



You can support the game here! You'll get the PDF in january and the printed book in march.
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I'm winding down my involvement here, but wanted to thank everyone for bringing news of this stuff to me. I can waste my now-inflated salary supporting independent artists. Thanks so much--this looks awesome!

And thank you for your support!

I love when games strongly commit to a vibe and a story so strongly.

The world building tools here seem especially interesting.

I worked hard on those to make the GM job easier on that front, thanks for your interest!

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