Black Widow has a real release date finally, plus updated movie info and dates inside

Black Widow is now scheduled to hit theaters on July 9th and also have Premium access on Disney+, the same way Mulan and Raya did. Since things are going decently with Raya and the Last Dragon, I would expect the to be the final date change for Black Widow. And because of this small delay, all the other Marvel films have been given one more delay as well.

July 9th was the previous release date for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. That is now scheduled for Sept 3rd.
The Eternals is next up, now with a release date of Nov 5th.
Then comes the 3rd Spiderman film on Dec 17th.
Doctor Strange 2 has been bumped from Nov all the way to Mar 25, 2022.
Thor: Love and Thunder is now due on May 6, 2022
Black Panther 2 is now coming on July 8, 2022
Captain Marvel 2 is now on Nov 11, 2022
And the four other movies that have been announced, but not far enough along to have dates yet are a new Blade movie, Ant-Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and Fantastic Four. There are all likely 2023 releases.

We know for sure that some, or all, of Black Widow takes place in the past and serves as more of an origin story for the character and the program that developed her and others like her. But everything else should be present-day MCU time, which is Summer 2024 as of the class trip in Spiderman 2, though I wonder if Shang-Chi will be sort of a prequel too and also lead into Doctor Strange 2. the only one on this list I wonder if it will work as well as we would like is The Eternals. It could be awesome or it could be a dud like The Inhumans TV series.

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Aaah, we have to wait a whole year for Dr Strange 2 and to see Natalie Portman as Thor?! I can't wait that long!

But glad Black Widow finally got her own movie. Better late than never. I want to see this at the cinema, but I really hope things are back to normal in Juli.

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