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Blade Runner RPG Headed to Kickstarter

Crowdfunding campaign for Replicant Rebellion launches May 28


Free League announced the launch date for the Kickstarter campaign for Blade Runner The Roleplaying Game Replicant Rebellion. From the announcement:

Replicant Rebellion massively expands the scope of our critically acclaimed tabletop RPG, recruiting all you players to join the ranks of the Replicant Underground in Los Angeles 2037. Set at the same time and place as the Core Rulebook, you will explore this neon-noir cityscape from the opposite perspective – now running from Blade Runners in an evocative cat & mouse race of provocateurs and powder kegs lit to explode, expose, and oppose the establishment, one way or another.
For the Rebellion, you will run your own independent crew who must undertake a variety of operations, all while attempting to maintain their cover and keep their records clean. Are you helping fugitive Replicants evade capture? Sabotaging the Replicant trade? Grappling with the cops, courts, and megacorps? Clashing with warring crews and syndicates? Smoking out moles in your midst?

In this big city of dazzling lights and moral contradictions, Replicant Rebellion flips the famous script of the beloved Blade Runner universe and dares you to explore how much you’re willing to lose for a cause that’s sacrificing it all. Yet regardless the price, the Rebellion must live on.

Replicant Rebellion for Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game will include:
  • An in-depth overview of the history and organization of the Replicant Underground, charting its presence throughout the Blade Runner Universe.
  • Detailed guidelines on how to play a Replicant Underground campaign, including several new player character archetypes and various new rules, such as maintaining Covers and sweating the Heat as the law closes in.
  • Several complete Operations (i.e., full adventures) to play for a crew in the Replicant Underground.


The crowdfunding campaign will provide access to backers with a PDF version of the new campaign book months in advance of the official release. Backers who pledge for a physical reward in the first 24 hours of the campaign will also receive a bonus item “to be revealed soon”.

The campaign will also include an option for an Asset Pack for use both with the core game and with Replicant Rebellion specifically featuring physical and digital handouts for the Game Runner to create their own Case Files and Operations.


You can sign up for notifications when the project goes live on the pre-launch page. The project is currently scheduled to officially launch on May 28.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

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