Starfinder Bleak Frontiers


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New cosmic-horror setting for Starfinder!

Forge an unrivaled legacy in a universe of madness and despair!

"Two thousand years ago, in the ashes and misery of interstellar war;
A legend arose to unite all sentient life. Bending reality to her will.
Spitting in the eyes of any god or monster that challenged her resolve.
The Empress Vindicta created a fortress of sanity and hope.

The Azure Empire!

Alien Empires and their horrible gods seek to conquer us.
The Hungers within the Void seek to consume us.

We will not allow this.

We will carry the light of Azure out into those Bleak Frontiers.

Azure Eternal!"

229 pages of space-fantasy/horror. Compatible withe the Starfinder roleplaying game.

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