Blockchain and RPGs: When Fantasy Meets (Digital) Reality

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A separate post because this one is has opinions as well as facts. NFTs being minted now on the Ethereum blockchain are less environmentally harmful, yes. They are no more valuable, IMHO, since their "value" is based on some combination of fashionability and Greater fool theory.
Thank you again for the answer.

I'm much less concerned about people buying certificates of authenticity of nothing when producing the certificated isn't burning down the world.


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Yes, but the rate of issuance has apparently dropped about 90%, for reasons I don't fully fathom.
I suspect price of energy. Mining is energy intensive and thus expensive.
My problems with blockchain remain, there never seems a usecase that would not be better served by traditional data structures. While the blockchain seems well secured against certain types of attack I am not convince that it is without some security holes. However, I suspect no one has really tried because the connections between the real world (the crypt wallets and exchanges) are and have been very porous and vulnerable.
I have often wondered what shenanigans a malicious operator(s) could get up to if they gained control block updating process.
The transaction speeds seem rather slow compared to the traditional banking system and I really have doubts about the ability of blockchain to scale enough to handle kind of traffic it would get if any of the proposed (or current ) usecases actually became widespread and genuinely popular.


I am just glad people with a bit of smarts and understanding of the subject seem to have successfully killed this fad before it took really off. The only people who still seem to praise it are those who have deluded themselves about the prospect of free infinite money.


The new method is "proof of stake" when you need to show that you have a bunch of the right kind of coins already, and someone with a stake is "randomly" selected to add transactions to the Ethereum blockchain.
In other words, all Ethereum transactions must now be processed by a rich institution. But at least they don't force you to use the banking system... right?

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Is there any way to give a thumbs down/dislike response to the topic post?
It's not been enabled on EnWorld. There are options for it in XenForo, but require the admins enable them. Given EnWorld's moderation policies, I'm harrdly surprised the negative rep responses are not ennabled.

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