Bonded Mounts for Water Paladins


I run a game that is predominently water (and thus has very little land). One of players is a paladin who is getting ready for his bonded mount. He wants a water type creature. ANy ideas?

ALl I can come up with so far is dolphin, squid, baby dragon turtle, and large jelly fish (I like that one).

Please help.

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Hammerhead, Manta / Stingray, Manatee, some kind of dinosaur...

-- Nifft

PS: also Sea Lion, Seal, Walrus, and of course Dire Penguin!
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Manta Rays make awesome Mounts (and they can virtually fly! - albeit for short distances)

Dolphins or even better Whales make good mounts too (although Dolphins are cooler) ps however Dolphins imc are considered an intelligent race and I have had 1 Dolphin Ranger in the past...

Sharks, Swordfish, Marlin, Giant Eels, Giant Turtles, Sea Lions, giant Sea Horses,Hippocampus, Mosasaurs, Plesiosaur,


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well, when aeo gets on this thread, he'll have 1,000,000 answers for you. ;) until then, i can tell you that i think besides dolphins (D&D dolphins are traditionally LG alignment), i think a hippocampus is the ideal mount for humanoids underwater.


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add Huge Giant Lobster, giant Crab, Collosal Nautilus (with a shell you can actually enter and use as a shelter) and Trilobite to the list too. Also one of my favourite beasties the Sea Scorpion (prehistoric Erupydes (sp) - they were awesome and deadly!)

Also it struck me that you don't actually need to stick to 'Aquatic' creatures.

What about a 'Giant' Giant Albatross - allowing you to soar over the waves for months - or any other Sea bird - giant gannets, skua, frigate birds, shags, sea hawks etc etc

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