Release Bounded Fortune: Independent Merchants in Clement Sector is now available!

Bounded Fortune: Independent Merchants in Clement Sector is now available in PDF at Drive-thru RPG and the Independence Games webstore.

Print versions (both hardcover and softcover) will be available soon at DTRPG and are currently available for pre-order at the Independence Games webstore.

IG Webstore: Bounded Fortune: Independent Merchants in Clement Sector (PDF)


Are you ready to live the independent life?

Bounded Fortune is the sourcebook for the independent merchants of Clement Sector. This book builds on the trade and merchant rules in Clement Sector providing more detail and additional insight into how to be an independent merchant.

This includes sections on how to buy a starship and how to obtain funds for an item that is expensive but essential to living the independent merchant life as well as how to set up your own independent merchant business and the obstacles presented to you by the various challenges presented by the Clement Sector setting. This book covers ship quirks, hiring crew, leadership styles for captains, crew wages, freight hauling, mail contracts, and passengers. It also includes expanded speculative trade tables as well as random encounter tables to make the Referee’s job easier.

This book also contains 11 careers which are involved in being an independent merchant based on our career progression system first detailed in Hub Federation Navy. Start your career as a cargomaster, move up to being the purser, and then become a member of the bridge crew, and finally take your place as captain of your own ship!

Can you handle the challenge of being an independent merchant?

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