D&D General Brie daughter of Drizzt and Cattie-Brie Web Toon


I crit!
I do not know what a web toon is but it looked cool in the announcement. Bob Salvatore is working with Purpah and Ryan LeCount on it.

It centers around Brie Drizzts and Carrie-Bries daughter.


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Possibly a Idiot.
Is like a comic book or like a cartoon?
Webtoons are online comic strips that are optimized for phone or tablet reading by using the vertical infinite scrolling feature of such devices. Typically done as a series of single panels arranged from the top of a page to the bottom, their signature style combines a use of blank space to indicate dramatic pauses or simple rests, allowing artists to have better control of the pacing of their story than a traditional comic would. The scrolling art feature also allows artists to naturally indicate the passage of time or insert clever tricks like animated .gif or sound files that can further surprise or immerse the reader.

I find them easier to read than a printed book or PDF to be quite honest.

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