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Release [Broken Eye Books] It Came from Miskatonic University


Newly released, our latest anthology It Came from Miskatonic University! Some fantasy horror, some dark humor, and some weird slice of life at the storied New England institution and the surrounding Arkham by some wonderful authors.

Stories by Lynne Hardy, Tonya Liburd, S.L. Edwards, Richard Lee Byers, Jacqueline Bryk, David Kammerzelt, Dawn Vogel, Chuck Regan, Oliver Smith, Jennifer Brozek, Mary Berman, Jill Hand, Dani Atkinson, Matt Maxwell. Erica L. Satifka & Rob McMonigal, and Matthew M. Bartlett.

And includes the second part of "My Miskatonic," which presents some of those strange people you might bump into on the streets of Arkham.

Friendly rates to UK, EU, and AUS. Available in print and digital at all the usual places.


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