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Bundle of Holding: Mythras Core & Mythras Worlds - Final 24 Hours!

If you've ever been curious about Mythras, or d100 gaming in general, then the two Mythras Bundles at Bundle of Holding are the perfect way to establish a comprehensive collection at an unbeatable price - but hurry, because both bundles are entering their final 24 hours.

Mythras Core (Mythras Core) provides the core rules, the Classic Fantasy supplement, and three scenarios to get you going. And if you beat the level-up price, you'll get the bonus package too, which includes two acclaimed Mythic Earth supplements, and additional scenarios for Classic Fantasy! This is a bargain at under $25.

If you're looking to expand your existing Mythras collection, then Mythras Worlds (Mythras Worlds) may well be the bundle for you. It focuses on our Mythic Earth and Thennla settings and is proving to be hugely popular. And even if you have another game system in mind, Mythras Worlds offers a huge amount of material that can be adapted to any game system you wish - although there's a ready fit for the d100 family, which includes RuneQuest, OpenQuest, Revolution d100, and many others!

And, 10% of all funds raised from these bundles goes to the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, so you're helping a worthy cause too.

So as we enter the last hours of these two great bundles, why not Make Mythras Matter, and join one of the very best roleplaying systems available, at an extraordinary PDF price?

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