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PF1E Burials of Teganshire, a Standalone or Campaign Adventure for PF1E

Griffon Lore Games

Publishing Content for 5E and Pathfinder1E
Hi gang,

We're fans of Pathfinder 1E, and here's our latest for you to back on Indiegogo: Burials of Teganshire.

We ran this module at PaizoCon 2019. Since then, we've revamped the adventure with extensive additions and then ran the module though our revamped production pipeline. The adventure also comes with a 14-page gazetteer, but we designed the module, and the adventure path it's on, to standalone wherever you want to put it.

Our 5E and Pathfinder 1E books are separate (one book doesn't contain the other's mechanics). Check us out!

Gruesome deaths, arcane wards, ancient rituals, and an old bridge: a Pathfinder 1E adventure.

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