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Pathfinder 1E Calculating Editable Pathfinder Character Sheet

I have just uploaded Calculating Editable Pathfinder Character Sheet to the downloads area.

This is the standard fillable Pathfinder sheet with a few modifications:

The following fields calculate automatically:
Ability Modifiers
Ability Temp Modifiers
Size Modifier
Save Totals
Skill Bonus Totals
AC Item Totals
Gear Total Weight
Carrying Loads
Lifting and Dragging Limits

Ability modifiers are auto-entered wherever applicable
If present, a temp ability modifier automatically overrides the standard one
Armor bonus and armor check penalty are derived from the AC items table
Shield bonus is always blank (include it in the AC items table)

Additionally, all fields were cleaned up in the following regard:
Tab Order
Font Size
Auto Font Size Where Applicable
Text Alignment
Alignment and Sizing with Their Respective Boxes (sometimes taking into account the text positioning as printed)
Textboxes within lists or tables were made uniform in height

Many of the boxes are not actually uniform in height but since most of them have auto-sizing fonts, they look way better when the height is uniform; this is noticeable on the form
The tooltips are not particularly useful, but they are consistent
Tab order is set by column and section
Spell slot checkboxes are set last in the tab order after all spell entry text boxes

Lastly, a non-printing reset form button has been added to the bottom of both sheets

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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Little off.

Hey man, love the sheet. But the CMD and CMB calculations are off by 2 (which is weird, since I don't see any -2 penalties). My size mod is only +1 so it's either counting my strength bonus as one less or not adding my full BAB to my CMD and CMB. I tried changing multiple values but no matter what I do it's off by two.

Andy Yunker

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Class Skill problem

Love the sheet :), But I noticed when you check the class skill boxes for things like the Knowledges and Linguistics, it calculates a score for you, even if you are untrained in it. Obviously a player should know that without ranks he still can't use that skill, but just thought I'd point it out.


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Knowledges, untrained: You cannot make an untrained Knowledge check with a DC higher than 10. If you have access to an extensive library that covers a specific skill, this limit is removed.

Linguistics, untrained: "you can always attempt to read archaic and strange forms of your own racial bonus languages. In addition, you can also always attempt to detect a forgery."

So, the sheet would either need to ignore these uses, or you will just need to ignore using the skills without ranks (aside from those exceptions).
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Jerry R Bonds

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I am trying to upload a Excel version of a sheet I am still in the process of making it. I can add a form to fill out that would auto populate everything onto a sheet. Also I have to do some re-sizing to make it printable. Would anyone want this?


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I like what you did to it, Only issue is that any size modifier with a minus penalty is calculated as a plus instead (for example small should give -1 to CMB/CMD).
Any chance to fix it?

Heh - I originally read the title of this thread as Calculating Edible Pathfinder Character Sheet...not the same thing at all.