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(I know I created a thread about this before, but I can't find it! I don't think anyone will be offended if I start a new one. And if you are... I bite my thumb at you!)

I've been running an ongoing 5e Campaign for a few years (since the first November of the pandemic three thousand years ago), and I've been keeping notes on each session online. For some reason I was inspired to create art for each session's notes. I liked the idea of tapestries detailing the exploits of the heroes, so I've been making these tall, skinny digital art pieces. I thought you all might enjoy them!

I'm putting my favorites here, along with brief descriptions of the sessions they represent.

Copy of Thureta Banner.png

Session 11: Mother Thureta. The characters fight Mother Thureta, a dryad who was once Baron Rothvel's wife, but was banished to the Starsworn Tomb after she traded her children to Granny O'gwa.

Copy of Queensbane Banner.png

Session 16: The Queensbane. During two weeks in Rothvel, Moira and Cab turn the Black Candle into a church, and the group takes Trout's boat and renames it the Queensbane.

Copy of Wisdom of Ravens and Turtles Banner.png

Session 23: The Wisdom of Ravens and Turtles. The characters meet the gnome Gazu and his friend Captain Corvroc, who is also Domyra's long-lost son, and attend a meeting of the Keepers of the Feather, a secret organization of wereravens who are enemies of both Queen Nostraya and Granny O'gwa, then meet the spiritual form of Dorodorodorandel.

Cursed Big Banner.png

Session 27: Cursed! Back in the tavern the Kettle & Caw, Domyra's evil double Arymod arrives with Ember Guards, foretelling the arrival of Queen Nostraya, but is convinced to find revenge for Domyra's death in the Hagwood, and Vimak buys a cursed axe.

Fancy Hats Big Banner.png

Session 29: Very Fine Hats. The characters learn about the woes of Umber Dell from the tortle elder Tolzin, meet Proctor Doviaen and his gnoll guard Pious and Devout, buy some very nice hats, then head towards the Howling Grounds.
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Lake Omyr Big Banner.png

Session 32: Lake Omyr. Gazu negotiates with Skirovan, and then the characters head to Lake Omyr, fight some harpies with the faces of Queen Nostraya, and arrive at the hidden Omyrian Fortress.

Safe Passage Big Banner (1).png

Session 37: Safe Passage. The characters negotiate with the Revered Oriandos, then make their way into Blind Hollow.

Copy of Rescues and Rituals Banner.png

Session 40: Rescues and Rituals. The characters free tortle slaves, including the Omyrian Warrior K'Tolka, from gnolls and a Gorgon Elk.

Unxpected Allies Big Banner.png

Session 44: Unexpected Allies. The characters pour the demonic goo of Devout into the revived body of Proctor Doviaen, creating a strange ally, then return to Rothvel and receive more readings of the Tarokka cards.

Through Many Doors Big Banner.png

Session 50: Through Many Doors, Many Terrors. The characters find a way into the Lost Library and fight nothics and quilled devils.


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This thread is beautiful. Lovely idea to do a tapestry of your campaign. It worked well for William of Normandy and it’s working just as well here.
Thanks! I've been enjoying making them. I use GoogleDrawing, which has a severely limited set of tools. But the limitation makes it fun!


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Battle in the Abbey Big Banner.png

Session 52: Battle in the Abbey. Dinner with the Abbot goes poorly: in a massive brawl, the Abbot is killed, and is discovered to be headless.

Surgery Big Banner.png

Session 53: Surgery. The characters fight the Surgeon, who escapes, then return to Grayview Abbey, where they restore more memories and then have terrible nightmares.

Ravens Retreat Banner Big (1).png

Session 55: Raven's Retreat. A few weeks previously, Quiet led the group to Raven's Retreat, where they solved puzzles in order to access the power of the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind, and Moira switched her patronage to the Kind Raven.


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We are getting into the most recent tapestries I've made, so I'm just going to post the latest 4. I'm still about 10 sessions behind in making tapestries, but I'll keep updating them here as I do so!

Feed Me Big Banner.png

Session 56: Feed Me! The group fights mimics, contacts Arawan, and feeds the Great Hunger a few memories.

Knowledge is Life Big Banner (1).png

Session 57: Knowledge is Life. The group passes through more mosaic doors, fights cerebral creepers, and solves a puzzle with star fragments to reveal a secret staircase and the missing Udgar Vance.

Sun Blade Big Banner (1).png

Session 58: The Sun Blade. The group frees Udgar Vance from Queen Nostraya's charm, retrieves the Sun Blade, and journeys deeper below Grayview Abbey.

Pipes of Grayview Big Banner (1).png

Session 59: The Pipes of Grayview Abbey. After defeating a pair of water elementals, the group finds a brain-monster nursery, then starts to battle a Nothic mage.

Low Pipe High Pipe Big Banner (1).png

Session 60: Low Pipe, Low Pipe, Low Pipe, High Pipe. The group discovers how to manipulate the pipes leading to the underground spring beneath Grayview Abbey.


Whelp, have to add one of my own...this is the Winter Tapestry, from Dungeon #78

A tapestry commemorating an expedition to a dragon's lair; the wizard and rogue were the only survivor. The cloud can be torn away to reveal a map to the dragon's lair, where the survivors left the remaining cache of dragon's gold they couldn't carry back.

Voidrunner's Codex

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