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In coming up with names for locations in my next campaign, I would like to pay homage to some of the campaigns influences (heroic fantasy horror game). Here are some of my thoughts for places:

The campaign world: Lugos (Bela Lugosi)

Kharlovia (Boris Kharloff)
Sommersville (Stephen Sommers)
Burrtown (Tim Burton)
Raimi (Sam Raimi)
Goyerton (David Goyer)
Lonczania (Lon Chaney, Jr.)

I have never done this before, but had the wild idea to do it this time for some place names. Has anyone else paid homage to their inspirations through place names (other than in Greyhawk?).


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First Post
First off, Dude, that rocks. I've never used that particular method for naming. I am doing something similar for a game I'm just kicking off for my girlfriend and kids however. What I do is pick a real world location that 'typifies' the culture I want to adapt. Example: Ogres were greek (now mostly extinct). Then, whenever I need a name for an individual I check out for a region appropriate real world name. For locations or artifacts I generally translate (via web based translator) an attribute I wish it to typefy into a real world approprate language for the region.

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