D&D 5E Campaign World - Dragons Must Die


About almost a month ago, I ran a survey asking about a campaign theme and if folks would be interested in playing it. I got a lot of interesting and varied feedback on it. I've been working on it in a format I haven't used in years now - a handwritten journal with maps, giving it a sort of in-world feel.

This is a work in progress, but I'm pretty proud of what I have so far, and wanted to show it off a bit.

If you are interested in a longer look, I did a flip through the book on Youtube.

The great magocracy of Armonikath has fallen, swallowed by the sea. Humanity is spread across a half-dozen islands that dot what remains, separated by a black sea in a realm where the sun no longer fills the star-lined sky.

Our ancient ancestors were careless. They created a society based upon magic, where spells brought every comfort imaginable.
However, even when it became apparent that magic created rampaging dragons and could twist the body, they were too dependent to stop. In a fiery cataclysm, the world shattered and burned, and the capital burns still. The great continent spanning kingdoms became island-states, and its people struggle to survive.

Old magic, in the form of the dragons and their spawn still haunt and threaten our world. The gods have abandoned us for our hubris. Our task has become clear - if we are to survive, the magic must be cleansed from our world - AND DRAGONS MUST DIE.



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