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New Raul
Magic is failing because of a disjunction caused by the late sorceress Crystal Rose, the dethroned self styled White Queen. The wizards of the world are searching for items of power from which to free enough magic to stablize the plane's waning finite supply. A large source of magic is detected in the southern desert, and the Wizard's School of Grensha is sending new prospective professors to find the source and release it's magic. The source, however, turns out to be a subterranian civilization of humans, living in caverns and underground cities so infused with magic that it's seeped into their very beings. These people, wielding wild magical talents and following a strange religion know nothing of the hardships above, and live in peace with eachother on the bounty provided for them by their god, Janeth. But not all is as it seems, for some recall a Wizard by that name who had been searcing for the secret of immortality who was killed by demons some eighty years ago, when their god left them saying he would return. To this day they await him, and some believe these newcomers to be gods from Janeth's world. But are they good gods, or bad gods?

- Kemrain the Naughty God.


Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die (d20 Modern Campaign):
The players start in a room with no exits. In the middle of the room is a large phone booth. If the players pick it up, they die.


Dannyalcatraz said:
Hey Mythus...are you using Northern Crown from Atlas Games? It might help you out on that one.

(Also, if you like Alt History and need some more campaign fodder, consider reading Marvel Comics' 1602, or The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson, CJ Cherryh's Sword of Knowledge trilogy as well as innumberable AH books by Harry Turtledove and S.M. Stirling.)

No money for either I'm afraid. I can recommend The Years of Rice and Salt as well as Turtledove and Stirling.

In any case, A Distant Mirror is set some time before 1602 and starts from a far different PoD. And I'm in a position where I really don't want the work of others sneaking into mine, even inadvertly, since it could lead to accusations of plagiarism. I don't want that.


Truth of Half-Men: The PC's whom have been making a name for themselves in the Matriarchal Jungle Kingdom of Dridi find themselves caught up with disappearing villages and strange creatures from another plane. Everything seems to point towards the Legendary Half-Men who visited well before the Great Darkness. No one seems to know who they are or even if they are really good or utter evil, but whispers coming in from the Clan Lands say that the Half-Men are returning.

OK, here's my current campaign:

Mistledale. Heroes defend their homeland from enemies within and without, as the machinations of evils new and old presage the return of a dead god.

Some campaign ideas I'd consider for the future:

CSI: Waterdeep. As special investigators for the Waterdeep Watch, a group of eclectic heroes investigates crimes from the mundane to the supernatural.

We Were Soldiers. A group of former mercenaries heads to the frontier to make peace, new lifes, and new homes for themselves. But it seems they cannot leave behind their warlike ways ... or perhaps their past is hunting them down.

An adventure idea that still haunts me:

A Soldier of the Last War. Locals and travellers have begun disappearing near a wood haunted by a battle-scarred veteran of the Last War who shuns all contact.


Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere: A race of small humanoids (goblins, kobolds, halflings, what have you) discover a non-magical recipe for a potion of jumping. Elated, they begin to mass produce the elixir for use in raiding human settlements. However, it is accidentally discovered that, when consumed by larger races (such as humans), the potion acts as a potion of strength. Now the wee race must protect the recipe from the conniving humans, who want to steal the recipe for themselves, while simultaneously using it in excess to performs all sorts of larceny. Hilarity ensues.

Yeah, I stole it.

So what?

No one under the age of, oh, 20 should have any idea what I'm talking about. :] Happy anniversary, that cartoon I copied!


Olgar Shiverstone said:
CSI: Waterdeep. As special investigators for the Waterdeep Watch, a group of eclectic heroes investigates crimes from the mundane to the supernatural.

Funny you should say that. One of my higher level characters has created a new city-state that was recently flooded with refugees from a massive war. Thing is, they're refugees from one of the more populous countries, and they believe they have the rights to the land and the rule of the city. The city itself was designed for a couple of thousand people -- its population has swelled to 39,000!

My next character is going to be the child of said character. I have plans to make him a Monk/something gestalt and prestige into the Watch Detective class from the Masters of the Wild splatbook. I will get my "Gil" on and maintain the peace while investigating muders et al. :)

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