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See also Romeo Must Die.

A “Romeo & Juliette”-framed campaign in which the rival houses are both Assassin Guilds of adjacent city-states. The party is made up of lower-ranked members of one or the other “death-house”…or possibly both, depending on how you want to start things up.

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The Henchman - for a superhero themed game. The city is suddenly overrun with new supercriminals that nobody's ever heard of before. This is due to "The Henchman", a dark web reality show where aspiring supervillains do supervillain things to compete for 250000 dollars and the chance to run the local arm of the supervillain host's nationwide crime syndicate

High concept Low combat campaign where the premise is that an onmipotent and omnibenevolent god has showed up and Thanos snapped all the swords (etc) into plowshares

The Trouble With Teratomas- Call of Cthulhu. I just woke up from a dream like this and thought that with some minor tweaking it would make a passably creepy non-combat(?) encounter in the dreamlands and/or in some haunted sea. The PCs are in a boat that is also carrying a sample of coral or sea sponge or something like that. Something happens to it (the coral sample) though and it begins growing at an unnatural rate and taking on the characteristics of other creatures. It lays - and continues to lay - hundreds of tiny eggs which very quickly hatch and the inexplicably lamprey-mouthed offspring - which hatch out of them already somehow several times larger than the egg they emerged from - quickly merge into the parent mass. It also starts to grow eyes and st the same time to lose one of its dimensions, becoming like a sprite from Doom. The thing isn't actively hostile but it can defend itself and if something isn't done about it it will grow to the point where it will sink the ship with its mass and/or clog up the engines and other essential equipment. Even if it's destroyed or thrown overboard its many eggs must be accounted for or the whole mess will start all over again. Optionally there may be a vague implication that this is what the elder things made the shoggoths out of.
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In the spirit of the recent Spiderverse stuff…

Have your players brainstorm a single cool character concept appropriate for the campaign*. After they do so (if it meets your approval), have each player create their own unique riff on it from another time and/or dimension. That’s their PC for the campaign.

* probably best for supers, sci-fi, or high-magic


Star Wars - Bounty Hunters of the Dark Times

Six hunters struggling to make ends meet take on jobs too big for any one of them and in the process find themselves intersecting Imperial politics in dangerous ways. Join the super six in their battered medium freighter turned light corvette "The Dogfish" as they chase down dangerous bounties while trying not to get on the wrong side of their even more dangerous employers.

Prolog - Blaster Fight in Cripple Canyon
The hunters have blown a job and must chase down a speeder truck racing down a boulder strewn wadi in a rented land speeder before it gets away with their quarry, a kobok pirate captain.
Chapter One - The Big Job, Part 1 (Lur)
Nearly out of cash, the hunters beg their Guildmaster for a job with a score big enough to pay for their bills. He sets them to an impossible task of retrieving a murder suspect and his stolen property from the bizarre backwater independent world of Lur before two other bounty hunters close in on him. But is the acquisition that they are chasing even really the guilty party, and why is everyone in the galaxy bidding on catching their quarry alive?
Chapter Two - The Big Job, Part 2 (Chewaba)
Betraying their Imperial Peace Keeping license, the hunters are now working for the Lurrian government to safely get their quarry out of the sector to friends who can protect him. But an attack by slavers on the transit station means that they now must rescue the acquisition from a third party, before they can figure out who they really have and how valuable he is.
Chapter Three - The Big Job, Part 3 (Cheobis)
Having defeated the pirates that were trapped on the space station, the hunters pursue their quarry to the slave pits of Cheobis. But can the hunters find the acquisition and rescue him from the crime boss Narmo the Beefcake, whose vast holdings make him effectively a small nation?
Chapter Four - The Big Job, Part 4 (Beora)
Having rescued their acquisition from the slave camps of Narmo the Beefcake, the hunters must now get rid of any trace of their acquisition before anyone catches on to what has happened. But with so many pursuing the prize, the hunters must never forget - "Everyone gets boarded sometime."
Chapter Five - The Runaway
The hunters are sent to a backwater agricultural swamp world underneath a glaring F class star, where everyone works at night and hides from the sun during the day, to find a missing key witness in a corruption case against the local Prefect who fled protective custody. Can the hunters figure out why the witness when on the run and bring him back to testify or will the Justicar overseeing the case end up in disgrace as his case against the Prefect falls apart.
Chapter Six - Labor Relations
The hunters are sent to a mining station in a dust nebula orbiting a white drawf to find a stolen bulk carrier, only to find themselves in a morass of intrigue and murder as the mining guild threatens revolt against a corrupt and thoroughly unlikable Baron-Administrator. Can the hunters unravel all the conspiracies and find the stolen ship when every single person is lying to them?
Chapter Seven - The Slicer Job
The hunters are sent to find a slicer whose illegal pleasure programs are causing jackers to die of dehydration stuck in VR sims without proper safety protocols. But can they navigate the world of illegal spice dens and raves to find the acquisition?
Chapter Eight - Domestic Dispute
The hunters are sent to retrieve a kidnapped minor after a custody battle goes awry and a conservative mother steals back her daughter from a progressive father to complete the child's religious indoctrination. But are these pastoral primitives as peaceful and harmless as they seem, and does the child really want to be rescued?
Chapter Nine - Cold Hearted
The hunters are relaxing awaiting the outcome of a corporate legal dispute when they are called in to do a simple job of deactivating a rogue
droid on behalf of the local corporate security. But nothing proves to be simple and the hunters are soon fighting for their lives to stop the murderous schemes of the vengeful criminal mastermind known as "Dr. Fist".
Chapter Ten - A Plague of Lies
The hunters are sent on a simple job to find the notorious con artist Huff the Fish on a backwater smuggler's world. But complications mount when the hunters are contacted by their old patrons the Lurrians, who want to use the job as cover for a highly illegal mission to retrieve a rebel agent from a world in a warzone, behind an Imperial blockade, while a raging plague is going on after the release of dangerous bioweapons.
Chapter Eleven - Slaves of the Sith Lord
The hunters are hired as Marshalls on a new opened lumber world following a series of mysterious disappearances including the local Marshalls who were investigating the case. But what secrets does this world hide and is this a simple case of a serial killer or does something far more sinister to be found in the city of wraiths?
Chapter Twelve - A Corrupted Flesh
The hunters are sent to the sector Capital to find the illegal cyberneticist behind the creation of decrainated - one of the most horrifying crimes in the civilized world - the discovery of which has been an embarrassment to the Moff and the local Prefect who fear rioting mobs and protesters against the local security. But with seemingly everyone trying to stop the hunters from finding out the truth, how can they possibly find one person in an ecumenopolis containing hundreds of billions?
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We Are In The Business of Saving Souls- The party's job is to screw up the Baatezu's attempts to fulfill their deals. Steal the money that they're bringing to buy someone's soul with. Keep that guy away from the girl he said he's sell his soul to get. etc. I originally envisioned this as a demons vs devils thing; KILL the girl the guy said he'd sell his soul for, etc. possibly culminating in engineering the ruination of a nation that has collectively bartered their souls for riches of conquest

Save Christmas- The PCs are on bodyguard duty trying to stop the crazy griefer demons/devils/cult/maniac/insert-villain-here that have been trying to kill Santa Claus (or the local equivalent thereof). (A few possible variations for the villains: pure griefers, fiends trying to piss people off so they'll act out or remove an incentive for being nice, fiends or sadistic maniacs competing over the title "santa slayer", evil spellcaster trying to steal santa's powers)

The Crusade- Lolth has told no less than three different drow nations that a certain territory is rightly theirs and theirs alone and that when they take control of it they will win her favor. The three nations have been at war ever since. The PCs are drawn into the conflict, either trying to expose the underlaying hoax, oras agents of one faction, or as mercenaries, or trying to boot all three of them out.
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