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Release Careers of the Old West is now available!

Careers of the Old West for the Rider Western RPG is now available in PDF on Drive-thru RPG and the Independence Games webstore! You can also preorder the softcover print version at our webstore!

PDF (IG Webstore): https://independencerpgs.com/collections/new/products/careers-of-the-old-west

PDF (DTRPG): https://preview.drivethrurpg.com/en/product/470764/Careers-of-the-Old-West?affiliate_id=7330

Softcover Preorder (IG Webstore): https://independencerpgs.com/collections/new/products/careers-of-the-old-west-softcover

Independence Games is proud to present Careers of the Old West, our career catalog for Rider. This book presents 20 career tracks for use in building the background of your Rider characters. What did you do before you became an adventurer? These include careers in things as varied as Barbers, Barkeeps, and Shopkeepers to Rustlers, Sharpshooters, Actors, and Wild West Show Performers!

This book contains new skills and a new background for those who wish to pursue the law!

Who will you choose to be?

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