D&D 5E Carrion Crown Pathfinder Adventure Path converted to 5e


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Looks pretty good to me!

If you are ever interested at looking at LaTeX for a future project, I manage a GitHub project for a formatting package. https://github.com/evanbergeron/DND-5e-LaTeX-Template LaTeX has an interesting learning curve, but the output is a PDF that will not be changed on you (and you can post to the EN World Downloads section).

Thanks for that! I'll check it out sometime. I have fixed the source code for all of my Homebrewery docs and have put in some backup code that will hopefully preserve formatting if they change their system again. Everything should be up and looking good again!

I will have the third adventure conversion published soon. This one adds A LOT more enemy stats and focuses on Werewolves. Should be fun for anyone wanting to lift some ready to use different Werewolves for their own horror game. I was a little bummed there weren't more werewolf templates in Castle Ravenloft...

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Okay, so I lied slightly. I did end up making one more update to Harrowstone, but it was an oversight rather than a real change. The prominent spirits in Harrowstone have been given immunity to turn undead. No chasing away the Splatter Man by intoning the name of god, sorry clerics...


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And Broken Moon, adventure 3, is done! Took a month longer than expected due to some changes in my location and job, and also because it required a lot more enemy conversion, because of the many werewolf clans and new undead. I also came up with rules for getting drunk, becoming possessed by a particularly nasty ghost, and different options for lycanthropy. Enjoy!


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Almost finished the playtest for Harrowstone! It's been a blast and it's given me a lot of information for how to better handle conversions in the future. As such, I've adjusted quite a few things in this latest update. This may be the final update.

- 3.0 First update post playtest. Changed level up markers, adjusted enemy numbers throughout, removed ability to break down most doors, adjusted health on Giant Stirge, greatly changed the way the Father Charltan and Piper battles work, adjusted the strength of professor Lorrimor's zombie, changed damage in collapsing house, fine tuned individual haunt mechanics, adjusted the Lopper's decapitate ability, adjusted Splatterman AC, adjusted the rules around the Piper's pipe.


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After a recent crash by Homebrewery which almost lost me a lot of content, I've decided to redesign the conversions in InDesign and post as PDFs on the download page. The first one will be up shortly! Future adventures will be published this way until I get my personal website up and running.


I'm running this right now and I'm partway through the prison in Haunting of Harrowstone.

My suggestion is to change the Splatterman from a level 7 wizard with mostly magic missile spells to a level 7 tome pact warlock, it mechanically fits the flavor text of gaining arcane power from a pact with a succubus, he can also have mostly the same list of spells and use eldritch blast instead of magic missiles.

I particularly like the idea of the random encounter hauntings during short rests giving fear condition, though I think it will last until their next fight or short rest instead of 1 round.

Thanks for doing this, it is much appreciated and I look forward to the future conversions.

Really enjoying this conversion, my group is about to finish Harrowstone and I've thoroughly enjoyed DMing it! Thanks for doing all this work! It's really appreciated.


This thread is meant to host the links to my Carrion Crown conversion. Now that I have two done, I thought it would be good to keep them on a single thread. for ease of perusal. As each one is added, I will update this thread. These conversions are free to use but require ownership (in one form or another) of the original Pathfinder adventures to use.

Over the next year I will be completing all six of the conversions for this adventure path and playtesting them. Because of my playtesting, I frequently update these files. I will keep a revision history available on this thread and will post an update whenever a revision is completed. The playtest is livestreamed, you can watch our game (which plays roughly every two weeks) here:

Enjoy exploring the dark corners of Ustalav!

#1 The Haunting of Harrowstone

The death of a friend. Letters painted in blood. Sobbing coming from the prison on the hill. Will the heroes be able to solve the mystery of the town of Ravengro, or will their souls become trapped like the others in the Haunting of Harrowstone?

In this adventure designed for three to four characters starting at level 1, players come to a town with a dark history in order to bury an old ally. From here things quickly spiral out of control and the players get wrapped up in investigating the history of the town and encountering the spirits that haunt it.

This is my conversion of the Pathfinder adventure to D&D 5. It converts all mechanics, dungeons, monsters, NPCs, and items and also seeks to solve some of the larger issues that weren’t addressed in the original, many of which were pointed out by fans throughout the years and by the developers themselves. New mechanics include the trust system, the haunt system, and a range of interesting ghosts and encounters that could be used in your own adventures!

#2 Trial of the Beast

The mob demands blood after the capture of a legendary monster. But is the monster guilty? Can a creature without a soul be defended? Can the heroes prove the Beast's innocence, or have they been handed an impossible task?

In this adventure designed for three to four characters starting at level 4, players are turned into investigative defense lawyers for a terrible Beast that has long roamed the Viestadt countryside. Their investigations will take them to dark towns, a destroyed asylum, and a mad alchemist's castle on a twisted search for the truth.

This is my conversion of the Pathfinder adventure to D&D 5. New content for DND 5 includes a range of interesting beasts and alchemical items that could be used in your own adventures!

#3 Broken Moon

Wolves howling in the night. A distant scream of terror. Whispers gently rolling from the shadows. These are the songs that usher adventurers into the Shudderwood for a brush with the supernatural perils of lycanthropy.

This adventure is designed for three 1to four characters, taking them from level 7 to level 9, and throughout its course players will encounter curses and old powers that will challenge their skills and abilities more than any adventure they've yet embarked on. They will run with wolves, meet the undead in combat, and may even come face to face with a goddess.

This conversion will cover every situation, encounter, and challenge you may encounter in the original. It also seeks to solve some of the issues that have come up in playthroughs of the original module. It contains a ton of new werewolf and undead enemies for use in any of your D&D 5 campaigns!
Holy crap man this is amazing and incredibly helpful this is a game I’ve wanted to both run and play in for the longest time I beg you to keep going it’s so great seeing what you’ve done.

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