D&D 5E Casters should go back to being interruptable like they used to be.


In the older days of dnd, casters were kinda artillery units, they were powerful but slow, vulnerable, and cumbersome, how they enforced this was with the rules for a spellcaster, making it so you had to declare spellcasting at the beginning of the round and it was cast when your turn would come up(it was side based and initative would change every round.), and if you were hit, you lost the spell.

This kept casting a bit more in check during these days, and is the actual reason for the whole "frontline martial, backline caster" thing, the original intent was casters were artillery and martials were the soldiers. But come 3e Wizards kinda removed all of this for the most part due to streamlining and ended up buffing these classes far, while also putting all of the fighters features into feats, and the game has simply never quite recovered from this. It turned casters from Artillery to just heavy hitting as long as they had ammo, and kinda invalidated the other classes right then and there without that limit, with the only downside is ammo, they are just heavy soldiers now, just better but...limited..sometimes...if you play that way.

I feel this should return, casting being interruptable in some form, but i feel there is a better and more modern way to do this.
"If you are hit while casting a 1st-level or higher spell, make a constitution check as if you were concentrating on a spell, on a failure, the spell fails and you lose the action used to cast the spell, the spell slot is not expended."
And if you wanna bring back the old rules of getting hit in the round before your turn loses you your spell cast, but in a modern way, you can just do this.
"If you take damage during combat, you cannot cast a 1st-level or higher spell until the end of your next turn."
This is a simple way, and it isn't even new design, this is a sacred cow, this is how they used to work, but modernized a bit.

Im not saying this 100% solves the martial caster gap, but it gives martials at least a gives martial classes a raison d'etre, in a traditional way, plus i think it fits the fantasy of these classes and idea of them way more, and while it isnt for everyone, i feel you can at least make this a variant rule, or something, or make it a core rule and make the old way a variant for those who dont care for it.

I feel this is a better starting point a limit that brings back the original intent of these classes in a way that makes a lot of the design make more sense, like for example, mage slayer becomes better, it makes the defensive abilities make sense more(because they were based on spell where that was the intent and why they had them), and even frontline casters like bladelock and bladesinger still work well since that's why they use cantrips and weapon attacks, with higher defenses, it makes the design kinda come to life more.

Its not perfect but i feel it is a better starting point, and its not uncommon in a lot of dnd-like design(i got this from Worlds without Number lol)

What do you think?

TLDR: Casters should go back to being interruptable like they used to be, it was the thing that made them unique and limited, and made them the artillery units compared to the "soldier" units that were the martials, and i feel it enforces the modern fantasy of the classes better then what we have now, where they are kinda just super soldiers, with only some resource limitations holding them back.

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No thanks. High level casters are not as powerful as they used to be. Counterspell and Dispel magic are easy enough to use as is. Concentration limits casters and can cause something akin to interrupts.

I know casters are mopre powerful than martials, but we just don't see it in our games.


Ok. Still have no idea what point you are trying to make. May I suggest you use more words and don't assume I know your complete thoughts?
Counterspell and Dispel Magic are means to interrupt magic that only people able to cast magic (or have the appropriate magic item(s)) can do.

The poster (and thread) is referring to bringing back a way to interrupt magic which once existed in the game (but currently doesn't) that anyone can do- not just spell casters or those with other ways to access specific magic.

Thus, pointing out magical ways to interrupt magic is so far from the point that even teleport can't traverse the distance.

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