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Gamers Wanted! Casting call for new Savage Worlds Podcast played on the virtual table top Fantasy Grounds!


To: Fantasy Ground/Savage Worlds Community
From: Bo Luellen
Subject: Podcast Launch/Players Wanted

My name is Bo Luellen, and I’m launching a brand new Podcast of me and my friends playing Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds. The setting is Alternate 1960’s Earth. The feel is Spy vs. Paranormal. I’m looking for two more players to join this group. Of course I need the right kind of players that will mesh well with the team. Some considerations you need to look at before you respond to this email is:
1. You will not get paid for being on this show.
2. The show will be recorded on Monday’s at 7:30 PM EST, and total recording/playing time will be 3 hours or less.
3. If this show gets a following (and we hope it does), you will have your privacy invaded by internet trolls. So you have to come to the table with coping skills on how to deal with the notoriety.
4. You will have to sign a release for your voice to be recorded for the purposes of the podcast, and you will have to sign an NDA. So that means you cannot contact me after you quit expecting me to take down episodes you were on, or disclose details of shows that have yet to be aired.
5. This is a business where our team hopes to make money. If you work out, the profits will be shared with you. If your participation stops, so does the profit sharing.

Here is the application:
(Reply to me directly, Do NOT reply in this thread please.)
1. Your Name
2. What would your stage name be?
3. Characters are pre-generated to enhance historical accuracy as much as possible in the 1960’s era. What kind of character could you see yourself playing in a Sci fi pulp fiction era?
4. List your top 5 movies?
5. Male or Female?
6. How old are you?
7. The comedy on this podcast can be blue. Will that be a problem?
8. Tell me your best joke? (it doesn’t have to be an original)
9. Tell me your top 5 favorite TV shows?
10. Your character tries to diffuse a grenade, and is met with a shiny shiny failure. What are your characters last words?

Bo Luellen
Project Manager
A.E.G.I.S. The RPG Podcast