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Is this a good deal for people?

Tanga - Product of the Day

(Tanga deals end fast, so grab it if it is a good deal and you need one. I've bought from Tanga a handful of times in the past few years with never a problem.)

I see that at [ame=]Amazon[/ame] they are going for $55.81 which is still 10% more than Tanga (w/shipping costs).



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CoolStuffInc has it 50 cents cheaper, probably about the same shipping cost, and offers free shipping over $100.

So no, not especially.

The Tanga deal is a good deal every once in a while, but always do a little research. Most of the time you can find the same or a better price online.

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I threw one in a cart at CoolStuffInc and hit the shipping calculator. Obviously it will change from location to location but in this case to the Chicago area it was $10.90 for the cheapest UPS ground and $20.45 for USPS. In this case, Tanga has them beat by a few bucks unless you want to add another $60 worth of product at CoolStuffInc to get the free shipping. I'll save that link though and be sure to check them in the future when deals come up.


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42 miniatures for 60-60 dollars is a good deal.... Sorry, my plasti-crack alter-ego got out.

Bought it at full price (after tax it was just shy of $70 from my FLGS). Have played non-stop since Friday. It's a lot of fun, and well worth the costly pricetag.


Because I preordered on Amazon, I got it for $54.53, with the free shipping (it usually arrives faster via free shipping than if I have to pay for regular shipping, for some reason). Hmm...I see it's shipped and looks like I'll have it on the 15th or so.

Overall, looks like Tanga was a pretty good deal :).


I picked up my copy on Saturday, and just for the minis and dungeon tiles alone, it was worth the price- full price at my FLGS that recently opened up right down the street! So I have a vested interest in supporting them :) I'm looking forward to playing it next weekend with my regular gaming group. I'm not in a D&D game right now (except I manage to make it to Encounters every other weekend or so), and I want more D&D in my life :)
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Yeah, I paid full price too a few weeks back because I wanted to support the FLGS and he was selling out fast. No regrets, it's a really fun game. Just need more time to play it! Holidays are coming, it will get lots of play then.


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Got it, the rules compendium, and the Heroes of the Fallen Lands (always forget which is which) for $110 at the FLGS. Castle Ravenloft is by far and away a much better starter set or point of entry then the starter set I bought the week before. The starter set might be fine for someone by themselves, but was very tedious trying to walk 4 tweens through it. All in all Castle Ravenloft seemed a lot more fun for the kids but at $65 dollars a lot more pricey then a normal starter set.

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