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Castles & Crusades Black Friday Sales

Troll Lord

First Post
Winter has crowned the northern hemisphere like a frost giant's rage! The snow is falling thick and fast and the wind blowing cold. Time to light a fire, hunker down and plunge into the worm hole with Castles & Crusades!

To help you do it, we're kicking the doors to the Troll Dens wide open. From now until the 5th of December all DIGITAL titles are marked down from 40-70% at RPGnow and Drivethru RPG! Castles & Crusades titles like the latest printing of the Players Handbook! Book of Familiars! Codex Nordica!and more!

Source Books 40%+ OFF
Adventures 60% OFF
Crusader Journal 60% OFF Join the Fray!

The Troll Lord

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