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(Castles & Crusades) What Game Do you Play?

Troll Lord

First Post
Greetings from the Dens!

There are a plethora of FRPGs on the market today. You’ve probably played several of them, if not a veritable host of them. You’ve hacked your way through the simple, and you’ve trudged your way through the complex. They all offer a little something, it's why you keep playing.

I’m the same as you. I’ve tried a host of games and a host of rule sets. My game of choice was always AD&D…I played it even after we released Castles & Crusades. I only stopped my AD&D game when the designers (both regular players at my table) revolted and said no more AD&D until I at least tried C&C once. I reluctantly agreed.

I’ve never gone back.

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