Kickstarter Champions of Akathena: Blood & Magic Board Game


Faceless Publishing
Hey Everyone,

We are proud to introduce our new Kickstarter, Champions of Akathena.


Champions of Akathena is a team-based, diceless arena combat board game, where teams of champions and their companions battle to be the last champion standing. If you like tabletop strategy games that use miniatures, you will enjoy this game. The combat feels similar to D&D tabletop combat, except that each faction uses a specialized deck of cards to resolve all actions. Since there are no dice, it's focused more on strategy than luck. Games are quick, easy to set up and easy to learn.

Here's a detailed description from Man vs Meeple:

The game includes:
  • A Champions of Akathena rulebook
  • 6 unique champions and their accompanying reinforcements and card decks
  • 18 painted plastic miniatures
  • A pair of unique map boards
  • A deck of magical treasure cards to add variety to your battles
  • Terrain tokens to customize your battlefield
  • All the tokens and other accessories you'll need to start playing Champions of Akathena

The kickstarter is less than 48 hours new and is 1/3 backed. Come have a look

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