WOIN Changeling and Cybernetics

I am back with yet another question regarding the wonderful system that is N.E.W

How does cybernetics work with regards to shapeshifting races, such as the changeling?

Can they get cybernetics as normal? What happens to the cybernetics if they shape change?

Could they get 4 cybernetic Eyes, even if their normal form only has 2?
What happens if they take a form that only has 2?

As always, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.


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There's nothing in the rules to say that cybernetics affect changelings any differently to anybody else. :)


Well, that was fun
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I guess? That's pretty much the point of being a changeling - changing what you look like! :)


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so far, WOIN doesn´t mess with questions like this one - so I can only tell you how I would rule it on my table and how my thoughts would be about it.
Clearly, it would be a massive flaw for changelings being not able to get Cybernetics - but, in some measurements, it would be logical.
Shadowrun, for example, has heavy drawbacks for shapeshifting people with implanted ware - massive damage as the ware exits the body. Also, you have to re-implant them after every shapeshift.

On my table - thank gods none of my players wants to shapeshift - I´d handle it as another Quest for my group to find an alien culture that´s very advanced and implements adaptive biotech in it´s own culture.
If they dont sell it, I´d let the party help some of those guys with some quests to recieve some adaptive biotech for reward.
Long story short - you are the GM - or you can talk with him. If you / he dont want to have changelings witch bio/cybertech - ok. If you / he rules it as advanced, adaptive technology - it´s also ok. If it´s something between - like being able to implant 4+ eyes but taking away the possibility to shape into something with less eyes - of increasing availability and cost - it could bealso ok.
WOIN is open for new. And I don´t mean NEW ;-)